How Sweet it is

with an unusually slippery bass solo!

‘Dancing In The Kitchen’

Latest album I’ve produced…


‘Country Girl’ album launch gig

‘Be My Baby’ cover …. Beth Rowley


Recording  ‘Alfie’ with Rumer

3 songs from Laura Mvula’s debut album, ‘Sing to the Moon

(I played the double bass on this album and a little bit of bass guitar)

Mark Murphy

With my hero and friend, the late, but especially great, Mark Murphy

With harmonica solo


Playing reggae… in the back of a taxi!

More reggae… outside, in winter, in London!

Live on the 2015 Mercury Awards

Eska and friends, with a very musical dog… it was even panting in time!

The Tony Woods Project

‘Chocolat’ features a Double Bass solo, with freshly broken knee cap!

Victoria Hume

NATURE BOY feat Jennifer El Gammal (aka A Mad Belgian)



Natacha Atlas

The making of ‘Expressions’ Live in Toulouse

At 31 mins 42 secs I have a short solo on my ‘bassica’ (or ‘melodibass’)

Karen Lane – ‘Wild Is The Wind’ (Bass and harmonica)

Horrible Histories at the Albert Hall

In summer 2011 I joined forces with some Vikings, English Monarchs, Cleopatra and a certain long tailed rodent…..

Ken Stringfellow

At Rochefort en Accords 2009

Carleen Anderson


1998 Montreux jazz festival Loveless

On the Jo Whiley Show

Remake of this classic originally sung by Minnie Ripperton

Mark Murphy wrote the words to Twelve Tribes. He performed them in one take. They fitted the length of the music perfectly even though he’d never heard the track before. His lyrics end exactly where the sax solo begins. When the take was over we just all burst out laughing!

Was fun to play on this track by Jill Scott & 4Hero. It’s on Jill’s album & also the 4Hero album ‘Creating Patterns’


‘Weather Song’ duet with Rebecca Hollweg on arts TV 2001

A tune by my great friend Tom Gordon. I was 14 when we first met and started playing music together. He was already an amazing drummer then, and very annoyingly could play the bass better than me too!