Discography and Soundclips

Some albums Andy has played on:                   

  • Andy Hamill ‘Bee for Bass‘  (double bass, bv’s on ‘Getting On’, producer)
  • Andy Hamill ‘Bee for Bass ReJigged‘   (double bass, producer)
  • Rebecca Hollweg ‘June Babies‘  (double bass, bass guitar, bv’s, ukelele, producer)
  • Rebecca Hollweg ‘Orange Roses‘  (double bass, bass guitar – incl solo on ‘Rocked By Your Love’, harmonica on ‘Somerset’, producer)
  • Rebecca Hollweg ‘Country Girl’  (double bass, bass guitar, cello, alto clarinet, flugelhorn,  glockenspiel, music boxes, bass harmonica on ‘Come Home To Me’, tuba, bvs, producer)
  • Rebecca Hollweg ‘Christmas Songs’ (double bass, producer)
  • Rebecca Hollweg ‘Other People’s Songs’ (double bass, harmonica solos on ‘Pure Imagination’ & ‘One Day I’ll Fly Away’, producer)
  • Laura Mvula ‘Sing to the Moon‘ – Brit and Mercury award nominated. MOBO award-winning. (double bass & bass guitar)
  • Victoria Hume ‘Closing’ EP  (double bass)
  • Josh Geffin ‘Rocks Of Bawn’ EP  (double bass)
  • Simon Higdon ‘A Contribution To The Arts’  (double bass, bass guitar, harmonica on ‘Anytown’, bv’s, producer)
  • 4 Hero ‘Two Pages‘ – Mercury nominated and MOBO award-winning. (double bass including a bass solo on the track ‘Loveless’ feat Ursula Rucker)
  • 4 Hero ‘Creating Patterns‘  (feat. Jill Scott, Mark Murphy and Terry Callier)  (double bass)
  • 4 Hero ‘Play with the Changes‘  (double bass)
  • Natacha Atlas ‘Mounqaliba‘  (double bass, layered harmonica on ‘Fresco’s Interlude’ by Andy)
  • Natacha Atlas and the Mazeeka Ensemble ‘Ana Hina‘  (double bass)
  • Natacha Atlas ‘Expressions‘ Live in Toulouse  (double bass, harmonica on live version of ‘Fresco’s Interlude & ‘La Shou El Haki’)
  • Natacha Atlas and Samy Bisha ‘Les Nuits’ (music commissioned for and provoked by a ballet by French choreographer Angelin Preljocaj based on the tales from ‘The Thousand an one Nights’). (double bass)
  • Rumer ‘Season’s of my Soul‘ (double bass)
  • Carleen Anderson ‘Soul Providence‘   (feat. Paul Weller and Jocelyn Brown) (bass guitar)
  • Carleen Anderson ‘Alberta’s Granddaughter‘ (double bass & bass guitar)
  • Carleen Anderson ‘Grace and Favours‘ – live concert DVD and CD. (double bass & bass guitar)
  • Hester Goodman ‘You Could At Least Smile‘  (double bass, bass guitar, harmonica on ‘Somnambulaire’, producer)
  • Tony Penultimate ‘Soppy and the Sentimentals‘  (double bass)
  • Tony Penultimate ‘Adventures in Gibberish’  (double bass & bass guitar)
  • Julian Ferraretto ‘Near‘  (double bass)
  • Elizabeth McCall ‘Two Different Paths’  (double bass & bass guitar)
  • Peter Jones ‘Under The Setting Sun’  (double bass, harmonica solos on ‘1969’ & ‘Reunion’)
  • Julie McKee – ‘Light On The Ledge’  (double bass & bass guitar, harmonica solos on ‘Indiscreet’)
  • Jane Ruby ‘The Naughtiest Kitten in the World‘  (all instruments except rhythm guitar, harmonica solo on title track, producer)
  • Jane Ruby ‘My Dog Ronnie‘ (double bass, bass guitars, lead guitars harmonica, producer)
  • Jane Ruby ‘Flamingo Flamenco’  (all instruments except rhythm guitar, harmonica solo on title track, producer)
  • Orla Murphy ‘Wonderous Visions‘ (double bass, harmonica solo on ‘Visions’)
  • Nitin Sawhney ‘Beyond Skin‘ (Mercury nominated)  (double bass)
  • Jeb Loy Nichols ‘Days are Mighty‘ (double bass, bass guitar, harmonica on ‘After November’ & ‘My Kind’)
  • Jeb Loy Nichols ‘Now Then‘  (double bass, bass guitar)
  • Jeb Loy Nichols ‘Miss Moon’/’Apples’ (7″vinyl)  (all instruments except guitar)
  • Clara Sanabras ‘Hopetown house‘ (double bass & bass guitar)
  • Clara Sanabras ‘Clara and the Real Lowdown
  • Clara Sanabras ‘The Emblem‘ (double bass, bass guitar, harmonica)
  • Clara Sanabras “Vol Dispers – Songs of Spanish Exile” 
  • Nerina Pallot ‘Year of the Wolf‘ (bass harmonica on ‘Grace‘)
  • Tracey Thorn ‘Out of the Woods
  • Chris Bowden ‘Time Capsule‘  (double bass)
  • Chris Bowden ‘Slightly Askew‘  (double bass)
  • Adam Glasser ‘Free at First‘  (double bass)
  • Sean Hargreaves ‘Rush Hour‘  (double bass)
  • Jill Scott – ‘Gotta Get Up (Another Day)‘  (double bass)
  • Valerie Etienne ‘For What It Is‘  (double bass & bass guitar)
  • Rosie Brown ‘By the Blue
  • Rosie Brown ‘Strange Recollections
  • I am….Betty Steeles
  • The Underwolves ‘Under Your Sky
  • Theo Travis ‘Passion Dance -Live at Ronnie’s
  • Theo Travis ‘Heart of the Sun
  • Theo Travis ‘Earth to Ether
  • The Tony Woods Project ‘High Seas
  • The Tony Woods Project ‘Lowlands
  • The Tony Woods Project ‘Windshadows
  • The Tony Woods Project ‘Hidden Fires’
  • Karen Lane ‘Taste
  • Karen Lane ‘Beautiful Love
  • Trudy Kerr ‘Sweet Surprise
  • Trudy Kerr ‘Trudy
  • LTJ Bukem ‘Journey Inwards
  • Acoustic Alchemy ‘Aart
  • Luke Vibert/BJ Cole ‘Stop the Panic
  • The Herbaliser ‘Very Mercenary
  • The Pete Letanka Trio ‘Afrostocracy
  • Peter Matthews ‘The Songs Of Schpeedle Bumpkin’ (Harmonica solo on ‘I’ve Been Fooled’ – bass part played on cello by Kate Shortt)

SOUND CLIPS from various albums  (5mins)

1. Rebecca Hollweg ‘Country Girl’  (Bass Guitar and Production)
2. Rebecca Hollweg ‘Somerset’ (Bass Guitar, Chromatic Harmonica and Production)
3. Andy Hamill/Ursula Rucker ‘4 Minutes of Fun’ – Remix (Wah Double Bass and Production)
4. Rebecca Hollweg ‘Playout’  (Bass Guitar/scratch bass and Production)
5. Rebecca Hollweg ‘Pure Imagination’ (Chromatic Harmonica and Production)
6. Carleen Anderson ‘My Door Is Open’ (Bass Guitar)
7. Laura Mvula ‘Like The Morning Dew’ (Double Bass – double tracked and panned)
8. Carleen Anderson ‘Whose Business?’ (Bass Guitar)
9. Rebecca Hollweg ‘One Day I’ll Fly Away’ (Harmonica, Double Bass and Production)
10. Eska ‘Magic Woman’ Live (Bass Guitar with pick)
11. Andy Hamill ‘Getting On’ (Wah Double Bass solo)
12. 4Hero feat. Ursula Rucker ‘Loveless’ (Double Bass)
13. Carleen Anderson ‘Onwards And Forwards’ (Bass Guitar)
14. Natacha Atlas ‘Taalet’  (Double Bass)
15. Farmer’s Market – ‘Bee For Bass Re-Jigged’ (Double Bass, Production)
16. Chris Bowden ‘Forbidden Fruit’ (Double Bass)
17. ‘Fresco’s Interlude’ from Natacha Atlas – Monqaliba (Chromatic Harmonicas)

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